We customise our services to your needs. Our training sessions include guidance, mentoring, motivation and fine tuning of the clients’ skills. Heeding to your potential, we have in-store an eminent team of trainers transforming you from tip to top. Our training package includes live examples, demonstrations, interpersonal and team dynamic skills, job based test cases, brainstorming sessions, application training etc.

Training Programmes

For Teachers

  • # Effective Teaching Methodology
  • Planning and Implementing Effective Development/Institutional Advancement Programs
  • The Role of a Teacher in fulfilling the vision and mission of the Institution

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For Employees

  • Professional Training and legal Training
  • Team Training
  • Managerial Training

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For Parents

  • Effective Parenting
  • Learning disability and childhood disorders
  • Awareness on addiction

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For Students

  • Learning skills and motivation
  • Personality development, stress management
  • Importance of hygiene and waste management

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  • Resource Room Services in Schools
  • Training Programmes for Counsellors, Social Workers and Special Educators
  • Human Resource Optimisation

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