If it's outside your scope, it's probably within ours. When your business needs extend beyond your core competencies, let the industry's expert in temporary staffing services help you to regain your focus. At Eoxon, our world revolves around your business.

Eoxon temp-staffing approach includes assisting clients in analysing and improving their service delivery models, and identifying where temporary staffing can bring real business benefit.

Eoxon also understands the sensitive nature of the business of Temporary Staffing. Organisations often suffer because their contractors either do not understand or do not comply with complex statutory requirements of Indian Law.

With our growing scale of operations, we are developing a strong infrastructure, expertise and robust processes that are designed to handle large scale and diverse compliance requirements of our clients across locations. At an operational level we have a dedicated team of professionals with significant experience and relevant academic and practical know how, operating from different locations across the country.

Our ability to negotiate and liaison with the regulatory authorities and our initiatives also enable us to offer you a credible and strong service in this field.

Eoxon offers its clients a unique temp staffing solution which is convenient, compliant and customer focused.


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