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Eoxon incorporates the expectations and aspirations of all stakeholders in the education sector viz.:

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Over the past few years, our name has surged as the leading consultant in sectors ranging from retail to logistics.
We have unique expertise in Hospitality, Information Technology, Banking, Health care and more. We ensure that the human resource requirements of an organisation are singled out and our eminent team succour in meeting these requirements through generating the finest plan.

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We customise our services to your needs. Our training sessions include Our training package includes live

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Multiple Intelligence Assessment

Today, not general education but excellence is singularly responsible for gaining access to higher courses and careers. Companies are selecting a few most excellent candidates and asking 21st century skill set rather than mark list and certificates.

The key to excellence is nurturing of natural talents. The identification of inborn talents in each student is a vital step to find out suitable courses and careers. 

Get ready for a psychometric assessment based on world renowned educational psychologist Dr.Howard Gardner of Harvard University, USA to understand the students’ dominant talents and suitable courses to excel in future. Each student will get a forty pages assessment report plotting and describing nine intelligences, memory capacity, suitable plus one streams, areas of interest and suitable careers. 

Why Multiple Intelligences Assessment  ?

Traditionally, the educators considered intelligence as a one dimensional entity. But in recent years, Multiple Intelligence concept gained acceptance and have dramatically enhanced the appraisal of human talents. Howard Gardner of Harvard University in his book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, suggests that there are at least nine human intelligences as verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic.  

If we develop ways to teach and learn by engaging all nine intelligences, we can amplify the possibilities for student success in all areas of competitiveness and ultimately to a position of excellence. Here we introduce an intelligent school concept in which diverse student gifts will find a fitting place.

Math Safari will bring together the legends of the fields and passionate researchers under one roof and it will give the students a never before experience of interacting with them.  

According to Dr. Howard Gardner :

  • All human beings possess all nine intelligences in varying amounts.
  • Each person has a different intellectual composition.
  • We can improve education by addressing the multiple intelligences of our students.
  • These intelligences are located in different areas of the brain and can either work independently or together. 
  • These intelligences define the true genius of every human being.

Achievements of school

  • School will be able to prepare an academic master plan for excellence. 
  • School would get a database having each and every student’s individual profiling based on Multiple Intelligences.
  • The database reveals the hierarchical list of capacities of each student.  
  • An excellence program for top ranking students and an improvement program for weak students.
  • A course and career planning program can be organized by the school authorities.
  • Top rated students in each intelligences can be oriented to top rated universities like MIT and Harvard.
  • arents would become more connected to school programs. 

Ultimately, school would be a centre of excellence in both scholastic as well as coscholastic areas. 

What Researches Reveal? 

  1. Students develop extremely concentrated mental engagement and excellent result as they were inspired , self-motivated and enjoyed the learning . 
  2. The students show increased responsibility, selfdirection and independence over the course of the year.  
  3. Discipline problems were significantly reduced.
  4. All students developed and applied new skills.
  5. Cooperative learning skills improved in all students.
  6. Academic achievement improved. 
  7. This approach emphasis learning centered program rather than teaching centered.  
  8. The students’ interests and developmental needs dictate the direction of the program.  
  9. Such model adapts to students, rather than expecting students to adapt to it.  
  10. More appealing to the teachers and parents as it approach every child as gifted.
  11. Fully Automated Assessment 

    This fully automated MI assessment and its follow up is developed by EOXON, an educational support network located in tehnolodge kakkor, to help students and parents in selecting most suitable courses and careers in future. Parents and students will be enabled to find out most suitable stream in plus one, under graduate courses, post-graduate courses and finally most passionate areas of research in doctoral studies. The time needed for assessment of 500 students is only one hour as we use OMR sheet for answering and valuation. This is a multiple choice psychometric assessment. We first conducted this assessment in Lemur Public School, Triprayar run under the patronshipof  Mr.Yoosuf Ali , MD  of the LULU Group International.

  12. Procedure:
    1. Course and career guidance Presentation titled ‘NEW GENERATION PARENTING’ based on MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES theory of Harvard Educational Psychologist Howard Gardner, for parents of students (classes 6 to 12)
    2.  At the end of our presentation, we shall introduce an optional MULTIPLE   INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT program by which each student will be able to find out most suitable courses and careers. This is an effective tool to prepare a master plan for students for their further studies.
    3. Multiple Intelligences Assessment for the Students (Duration only one and a half hour for up to 500 students)
    4. Report Distribution and Counseling: Average Ten Minutes per Student/Parent (Time slot will be allotted to each student/parent in advance) 

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